Thursday, October 20, 2011


It was the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.... and I went there 3 rounds cuz it's really such a worth-to-go sales! :D

First was a trip made with my team-mates in the curriculum department. hehe... konon-lah source and buy books for the department (of cuz we did that! hehe...), but I also did my own shopping le (killed 2 birdies with 1 stone!) And I went back there again in the evening after work to buy more books and also found out some books I wanted have been sold out!

Few days later, I thought I must go there again to get some more books that I've missed! hehehe... so we went there again just before leaving for Melaka that Saturday! (the temptation was too great to bear! :D) Anyway, this round, I went with lil Sarah & hubby. Of cuz, hubby's reaction was like... "WOW" when he stepped in. He didnt tell me that, but I just know :p

He bought himself a whole box of books too! ha!

Got more books for Sarah... and then again, the 2 books that I wanted weren't there anymore. Sigh... they're all up for grabs (literally!)!

OK-la.... that's for the sales. Well, bought a few princess books for Sarah. I didn't want to pamper her with princess stuffs, but the sales were just too good to be true! And so, I got her many many books which include 1 "big" princess book and 4 other "smaller" ones... :p

It would be pampering if I got her the whole volume (which is really really a good deal!), but no... I decided to close one eye and just got her a few.

This is how the "big" book look like...

This became one of her favourite story books. She would ask me to read it to her each time I return home from work.

My first attempt in reading her the book went like this:

Mummy read the whole "Beauty & the Beast" story... (without reading the text... in other words, using my own words).

Mummy : So you like the story?

Sarah : (thougth for a moment...) Why got so many "and then" one?

Mummy : Oh, you don't like it?

Sarah : (shook head) Why always "and then... and then... and then... and then..." one?

Mummy : Really? OK, next time when mummy read, no more "and then... and then... and then" OK?

Sarah : OK!

I didn't realise that I kept saying "And then" at the beginning of every page... haha! She was really showing attentiveness while listening to mummy! :)

And so... the very next day, she asked me to read to her the same story book...

Mummy : (testing her memory...) What words that you didn't like Mummy to say?

Sarah : And then.... :)

Mummy : OK-lah... so today, i will read to you from the book, OK?

Mummy read the first line of Beauty and the Beast....

Mummy : How is it? Nice?

Sarah : Yes! Don't want "and then... and then... and then... and then..." OK?

Mummy : OK! :)

She's literally my "ah-counter"! LOL!

And well, since there is a CD that came along with the book, it's now in the car and every time she's in the car, she would request for "Belle's story" or "Little Mermaid's story" or "Snow White's story"

So, thus the season of the princesses' tales.... thanks to the BIG BAD WOLF!


Small Kucing said...

LOL....3x ya...I think you can got for the 4th time too coz i just saw in their FB that they will be holding a clearance sale this 24-28 Nov. venue havent been announced yet

richrach said...

hey, small kucing! thx for dropping by! i c that u "kena" the Big Bad Wolf fever too! hahaha! Recuperated? :)

then must watch out for the nov sales now... LOL!