Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CNY resolution...

Happy Chinese New Year 2012 to everyone!

It's the 2nd day of CNY... so i guess this is a new year's post! People reflect about their life on 31st December of every year so that they can prepare themselves for the new year and perhaps think of some new resolutions for the new year. This time, I reflect about my life twice! And yes, i have some resolutions for the new year (extended version of the one from 31st December 2011! hahaha!)

#1 Make time to beautify myself. I think i have lacked lots of this. I did my hair rebonding before Christmas and right before CNY, i went to a beauty salon to get my eyebrows shaped. haha! The lady that shaped my brows told me that i need to do facial too - well, at least to get rid of my blackheads! I've been wanting to do that but it was never a priority in my life... and so I used to just think about it and later left it to fade away with the wind. (sigh) So, after this CNY, i will do just that.

#2 Spend more intimate time with my loved one. Sometimes, i've been so selfish and thought that everything should be done my way. He didn't do this, he didn't do that... but then again, i think it's me. I have lacked doing this and that for him. Spend more quality time with my hubby and not look at the negative things that affects our lives. It's not just about doing house chores and making sure the house look good and neat. How about the hearts in the house i called home? yeah... good reflection!

#3 To shout less and relax more. Hahaha! I think this may be quite tough to do especially when she is just testing my patience almost all the time. However, i know it's something I have to re-learn. My patience grew less... is it because of her? I guess i got frustrated more than before because I became so bossy and wanted things to be perfect. Yes! things must be done my way. More stress is making me a horrible person. yeah... gotta change things here.

So, in this new year's reso (extended version), i need to get a more balanced life. I need to be a more loving wife, an understanding mum and of course, i must learn to love myself and take care of my beauty both inside and out! So yes, that's summarizing what I must do in the coming days... weeks and months ahead!

I believe when we get into the root of things, we're able to get things right, and easily too. Lord, surely You're in this too! Thank You for this reminder. Thus, I read this article about "Happy Parents Make Happy Kids", in my previous post. It's not about finding out how to discipline the child... how to teach a child good manners, etc. Sometimes, it's not about looking at the product and complain and finding out solution to solve the product flaws. Sometimes, it's about looking back at the factory that produces it. LOL!

Here's wishing everyone once again... a very Blessed Chinese New Year 2012! Live your life to the fullest this year! We all deserve a better life - you and your loved ones! God bless!


blu4sky said...

Hi Rach,
i have been doing the same thing..and guess what me and hubs went for a date watching movie..just the two of us for the first time since we got married..well thats going to be abt 12 years.. :-p that long and nvr went for a date..sighhhh..always busy punya pasal..
and another thing..i get to go to spa..finally..it was long over due..it's in bangi..bali style..very nice :-)

anyway Happy Chinese New Year..

richrach said...

hey fren!
long time no c eh... maybe have to do ladies' nite out together pi spa. haha!