Monday, January 9, 2012

Sarah's first day at school

I've missed posting a blogpost with photos of my lil girl's new experience... another new milestone for her and I am so proud of her!

January 6th, 2012 marks the day that she started wearing her preschool uniform :)
She looks so cute on it (though i got one size bigger for her because she grows very very fast!)
It was her first day at school but it lasted only 2 hours because it was the orientation week. Those who were there early came into class, put down their bags, and the teachers labelled all water tumblers so that there will not be any mixed up. The kids then go to the different corners of the room to play. Some played blocks, some draw, some read books. It started off at 8.30am when her class teacher, Ms Lorraine, brought everyone in class (15 of them altogether, but only 13 were present at that time..) around the school. Anxious parents like me walked behind the kids and joined the visit-around-the-school. Hahaha! We were all allowed to be there even though, personally, I know we should just leave the kids to the good hands of the educators :) However, I'm all excited with my camera and took some photos of Sarah in her first experience in school. Hehehe...

At 9, the kids had their coco krunch snack. After that, a walk to the toilet for everyone, and then it was story-telling time. At about 9.45 I rushed back to the office to do some work :p By 10.40, I was at the gate to pick girl up... and she asked me, "Why you come so late?" I was really sorry to her... as when i left, i didnt even tell her that i was going to the office for awhile. Else, she would have understood. In the car, I asked her this and that... what did they do after story telling? Did they sing any songs? Did they play in the playground? etc etc... Her answer at that time was, "Why ask so many questions?" Ah doi... this girl... Anyway, to conclude, she did tell me a lil more about their activities I missed... they did the "Chicken dance", sang "I'm a Little Teapot", and... she told the teacher that her "Message file" is not hers... because her bag couldn't zip up due to its size. LOL! I think she's doing good at school for a start.

Today, 9th January 2012 marks another day of her milestones.... first time at the Day Care! Yes, she will be in school for 10 hours. After work, I'll be picking her up and we will travel back together. I will have strings of questions to ask her about her school and I guess, she will answer me, "Why ask so many questions?" :)

I'm so proud of her. She's really growing well. I pray for God's hands of protection upon her at school. May the Lord sees her through in her learning and development. May she be a blessing to all around her, even young as she is. Lord, I commit my lil princess into Your loving hands... in Jesus' name I pray... AMEN!

(no photos yet... as i didnt bring my cable to transfer the pix fr my hp. :p)

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