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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Interesting conversations with lil Sarah...

Some interesting conversations I had with my little girl recently....

Mummy: Sarah, look at that girl... nice or not - her make up?!

Sarah: *look look* her make up nice... but her face a bit not nice.

Mummy: ??? LOL!!


Mummy was driving Sarah to school. We normally would have our breakfast on the go or when we reach near her school.

Eating while sleeping?
Sarah sleeps while she eats... or eats while she sleeps? Hmmm....

Mummy : Sarah, wake up! Sleeping ar?

Sarah suddenly gave a smile (while eyes are still close)

Sarah: I'm thinking...

Mummy: Huh? Thinking? What are you thinking?

And while eyes are still close...

Sarah: Thinking of what video to watch...

Mummy: ??? LOL!!


Something about perfect... Unfortunately, I couldn't remember how the conversation took place, and what about?? Sigh... such a forgetful mummy am I!
Anyway, it went something like this...

Mummy: *showed Sarah something...* What do you think of this?

Sarah: Perfect!

Mummy: Perfect? Do you know what is "perfect"?

Sarah: Wonderful!

This girl amazes me at times... with all her marvelous replies. Hahaha! Truly a God-given wisdom I'd say. God bless Sarah! :)

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blu4sky said...

hahahah...sarah is so funny.. big girl already...

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