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Friday, May 25, 2012

A BZ bloggers Life!

It has been....more than a mth since my last post. Indeed, I miss the times when I had "more ME time" and blogged like nobody's business. Yeah... it's a hobby that I once had time for. Maybe I just need to start it off again.

Looking at my blog archive... hmmm....
In the year 2008, i had a total of 301 posts.
2009.... 223 posts
2010.... 58 posts
2011.... 39 posts
and this year, up till end of May 2012.... 5 posts!

Check out the drop! :(
OK... I promise myself I will do something about this figure. Why? I am basically lacking of some ME time. I take blogging as part of my ME time because that's when I reflect... I write... I pen down moments that I cherish.... and share my knowledge... expand it as well... So, yep.... I shall make time for blogging. Being bz shouldn't be the reason not to blog, eh? So... wish me the BEST! :D

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Lilypie - Kids Birthday