Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Quick Glance at My Life's Journey... (1)

My life’s journey… some major events (that I can remember) since…  December 2011:
23 Dec 2011 – Hair rebonding….

No regrets... I liked it! At least it was easy to manage. I didn't need to go through bad-hair-day for a few months! The power of rebonding! hahaha!

Six months down the line… 

30 June 2012 – Digital perm (1) + colour (copper) = RM202.00 (After discount 50%)

2 July 2012 – Digital perm (2) + treatment

I saw this pix on line (on the right), and I fell for it. I showed this pix to the hairdresser. BUT... it didn't turn out like that at all :p

In fact, the first perm didn’t turn out good. My hair was dry and I’ve got frizzy hair all over. I couldn’t bear having a “broom-feel” hair on my head. Colleague advised me to call up the salon and get it fixed. Thank God I made it there again. At 5.30pm sharp, I left office… picked Sarah up from Daycare… and headed towards HEAD LINES Salon at Kelana Jaya. Traffic was fair… Thank God!

And so, we reached the salon at about 6.40pm. There wasn’t any customer there at that time, so Sarah sat beside me at the salon. She was excited to sit on one of the salon’s chair. The hairdresser told me that if I have time that evening, he would fix my hair immediately and so, I agreed. Later when I lied down to “wash” my hair at the washing area, Sarah lied beside me as well. She was giggling all the way. Haha! She looked so cute. She was really so excited. I could see it in her expression. J

We were there for about 2 hours. Sarah entertained herself by watching movies from my handphone. And of course, she was making herself very comfortable there. For a 4 year old, I think she did pretty well as she waited patiently for mummy to finish the treatment and perm process. Anyway, this is the product of the wait…. and most importantly, I didn't need to pay extra for this fix.

Well, no doubt... it's high maintenance (well, at least to me!) I need longer time to maintain the curls on my hair... meaning to say, I've gotta wake up earlier in the morning.... AND I bought a few products to "help" me maintain my hair... AND i even googled every now and then for ways to maintain my curls! High price indeed! :p

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