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Monday, May 28, 2012

YES! I'm online!

On leave on the first day of school holidays! YES! Hehehe...

It's a happy day! I finished some house chores (very fortunately, I enjoy doing house chores! :))
Sarah played some online games as I did the chores.
After cooking, we ate together while watching Enchanted (Yeah... it's like the number donowat time we watched this... 8? 9? or 10 perhaps?). It's one of Sarah's favourite. Now, she's enjoying herself watching Enchanted while I'm here blogging! YES! Happy that I could blog a bit. I sure miss this day! Hahaha!
And of course, after 5 long months, ever since we moved back to our home, we didn't have internet connection at home... until last weekend! YES!

Sarah's been waiting for 5 months... she's been asking for it so that she could play her Barbie doll games... dressing up games... cooking games, etc.... The past months, I only allow her to play my handphone games that I downloaded and some video files that she could watch. But of course, after some time, that cant be compared to having an internet connection at home. We all been waiting actually. At first it wasnt really a need... and so 5 months have gone by. I think it's timely that we have it and be connected to the world. There's just so much we can do with it... besides the "leisure" part of it. :)

And so... YES! This is my 7th post this year! Hahaha! And more to come I believe.

We just got this package from YES!

So far so good... but sometimes the walls in our house may be a hurdle to the wifi connection.


blu4sky said...

welcome onboard..hahahah..weii update more lah..hv been waiting for your update

blu4sky said...
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