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Friday, June 12, 2009

[Quiz] Is your child a spoiled brat?

A few days ago, I took a screening quiz to see if I was raising a spoiled brat! :p
This test applies to especially parents with kids of at least 2-3 years of age. For me, I just imagine how Sarah would react in certain situation when she's at that age, doing what she's doing now. But of course, some situation cannot be determined yet and only time will tell. Well, this is the result I got... (oh! oh...)

Your child does have one or more signs of being a spoiled brat. Do remember that many of these behaviors are normal for younger children, but should become much less frequent once your child is 2 or 3 years old, at which time temper tantrums, etc., should be more the exception than the rule of the day. You said that your child has one or more of the following signs of being a spoiled brat, including that he does:

* have frequent temper tantrums

* act very demanding and always want to get his own way

* fight, protest, or say "no" to everything

* rarely follow your rules

* rarely listen when you say "no" or "stop"

* frequently try to control other children and adults

* frequently complain that he is bored and will not play on his own

* not understand that there is a difference between what he needs and what he wants

* have little respect for what other people want

* not follow a schedule and just does things when he wants to, including choosing nap time, when to go to bed, and what to eat

* not understand that there are consequences for not following the rules

* frequently hit, bite, and yell when he doesn't get his way

* play with new toys for about 5 minutes and then wants something new

You said that your child does not have one or more of the following signs of being a spoiled brat, including that he does not:

* get frustrated easily

* demand to have every new toy that he sees on TV

* frequently interrupt you (and not in the polite way by saying "excuse me") when you are on the phone, etc.

* keep you from going out to dinner or doing other things in public because you are afraid of how he will act

* need bribes to get him to do anything

* usually have trouble playing with other kids because he is always bossy and never shares

* scare away every babysitter within 20 miles of your home

It can't be fun having a child who is a spoiled brat. The frequent crying and whining must quickly wear you down. Unfortunately, giving in may work in the short term, stopping a tantrum, but it just teaches your child that his misbehavior works to get him what he wants.

If you don't want your child to become spoiled, learn to set limits, have daily routines, and be consistent.

If you need extra help, review our discipline guide, read a discipline book, talk to your Pediatrician, or even get help from a child psychologist.

And remember that a spoiled child is not a happy child. You may think that you are doing the right thing by giving your child everything he wants and not having any limits, but he is going to be in for a rude awakening when he finally discovers that the rest of the world isn't going to bend over backwards to keep him happy.

You can start the quiz here: Spoiled Brat Screening Quiz.

This quiz gave me an idea of how it's like to be a parent of a toddler... and a spoilt one? (oh boy...) Well, it's definitely not too late to learn and be of help to our children. Our kids need our guidance as parents and let's be there for them - teaching them what's right and what's not. There are many things (not-so-nice-things) that weren't taught to them (I'd like to say to blame it on Adam & Eve! :p) Surely, it would be challenging but also, praying that God will grant us the wisdom and the know-how to raise our children in His image, in this ever so challenging times we're living in.


Anonymous said...

At the moment, I am watching my friends son. In the past, I have hung out with them both. I knew the kid had issues and his dad point blank told me that he could not say "no" to his son. Well, he now has custody of his son, the mother is a spoiled brat herself, drinks heavily, her father pays for everything, she blames others for her problems, she has some sort of bipolar or anxiety disorder (she sleeps all day and goes to bed at 5 am). Anyway, specualtion has it that the boy might have FAS, but he does not display the physical characteristics of the disease but he does have temper tantrums when does not get his way. However, he has improved in this area. My disagreement is that he displays just about every trait of a spoiled brat from the tantrums all the way to the agressiveness toward other children. Yet, my friend and his mom who is helping with the caretaking allow him to do whatever he wants. i.e. Grandma made french toast for breakfast but he wanted mini-wheats= he got it! He has to be to day camp by 9 am but will lay in his pajamas until it is about time to go, then it's rush,rush. Oh, but they tell me not to push him. Anyway, I think they are not considering how they have fed his behaviors just as much as the mother has. I want to help my friend out but this is asking a lot and I do not know how to get this kid with the program. I ignore his tantrums and his sassiness. This works wonders in his attitude. This morning he was being a brat and would not eat (he eats by picking his food while it sits on the coffee table), playing around then eats a bite.He was not being compliant when asked to get ready. His dad thinks I should not push the issue for him to get ready for camp. He also thinks his son was just "excited" about showing off his new toy at camp so that is why he would not eat. Myabe so, but I think they are coddling the heck out of him and he is manipulating the situation. The boy is 7-years-old, was kicked out of school for bad behavior his past June. He also had issues at another school before attending this one. I know I sound like a horrible person but I think this kid is just spoiled. I have watched my sisters children (she has four) and other friends who have kids, they new who was in charge, how to behave toward other people, had a tantrum here and there but not everytime they wanted something or did not get their way.

Anonymous said...

I hate being around my boyfriend's two year old niece who is a permanent fixture at his parent's home. Her mother is a single mom and the child's father is not around at the moment. His mom takes care of the niece and I'm not sure why but this girl is the whiniest little child I've ever seen. She is clingy to her grandma and is now clingy to her uncle (my boyfriend). She makes the strangest face filled with jealousy (Electra complex) which is further fueled by her grandmother who insists that he and I not touch each other at all in front of his niece. My boyfriend's mom insists that even she and her husband do not touch each other in front of the child because the little girl doesn't like sharing her 'men.'. One day my boyfriend's mom lashed out at me and asked me how I would feel if my boyfriend had another woman in his arms? The child cries from the moment she wakes up and cries if she's told 'no.' The whole family caters to the toddler in order to avoid the temper tantrums. I'm afraid that by doing so they are only contributing to her growing up to be a very bossy and jealous girl which will lead to her misery once she realizes that the outside world doesn't run at her command. On top of it my boyfriend's mother and sister are now guilt tripping him to play daddy to this child because "she misses her daddy." it's getting worst ever since our circumstances have led him to live with them. Now we can't even go out because god forbid the child will feel abandoned! I have kids of my own but I think this is nuts. Now it's gotten to the point where my boyfriend's mom who is very vocal about my boyfriend not helping me in the kitchen because it's not a man's job is pressuring him to babysit and even change her diapers. I feel uncomfortable with this. Am I being unreasonable? Please help.

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